Iím afraid of growing up
because grown-ups have to read for hours
and talk about politics
policemen are fatties
nobody takes me seriously
despite the fact that in my family
I go to confession the most often
I think Iíve already earned a bigger angel
though on Sunday I give little to the plate
I collect the barking of dogs
I wanted to get a hamster
but mom said I can have anything
that doesnít defecate at night
dogsí voices guard me so that I donít dream of the devil
grandma says in dreams the devil comes
as a naked woman
father claims that would be an angel
who in his dream told him where mom keeps money
saved for a Mass for grandpaís soul
now grandpa has to stay in purgatory till the next month
while dad gets drunk
Iíve got to get a penknife because the guys say
that only those who have a penknife can kiss girls
when I made my First Communion
I didnít want to get a watch
I dreamt of you know what
Jacek says before the proper kissing
you should try
on an aunt
as soon as I go to bed
a mosquito flies up
itís had so much of my blood
it probably donates it at the centre
to get chocolate bars
my teacher says Iím always able to
stand out with my lack of knowledge
yesterday I got so much fresh air
I donít have to go to school
Iím reading about prophecies of the end of the world
and I no longer know if I will ever graduate from fourth grade
mosquitoes are like my father
constantly bothering me
I used to kill them with a slipper
but they left stains on the wall
now I smother them
with a sweater
supposedly I am weird
grandma says you can tell just by looking at me
that my mother shouldnít have had any kids
and that my father shouldnít have as much as a dog