To those who are going to jump under the train

obviously I respect your decision
but I saw one of you in action
I cannot deny that this method is efficient
even though the train just left West Warsaw
the corpse was lying cringed under the last carriage
and the head tumbled over the embankment

the boy seems to be rather short now
air and blood escaped from him
he may have not aroused such interest alive
but this type of event releases the worst instincts
some passed along several carriages
to look at him

Iím curious if he knew where the train was going
as a Warsawer, he could have disliked habitants of Lodz
but I hope he had more serious reasons

if he had been able to see the driver after this
he would have felt remorse

a girl from our compartment said
that she liked one of the policemen
and she didnít have a partner for the New Year party

if they worked out
they would win all television contests
on the subject Ďhow did you meet?'